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About me? Ok, here goes.

My name is Dylan and in real life I am design engineer (of sorts). It doesn’t really fuel my creative side but thankfully I have an interest in photography which does just that.

I was bought up in a fairly rural area of North Wales, and didn’t really travel very much or very far throughout my childhood. Having relocated to Reading, Berkshire in my adult years, I got the travel bug. With airports and transport links on my doorstep there was no excuse. I wanted to see some of the world. I wanted to experience other cultures and see what else was out there.

Whether it’s a long haul trip, a European city break, hiking in the mountains or weekends away in the UK, I always have my camera ready to document my travels.

I do a lot of research when visiting new places and try and visit slightly unusual places off the main tourist trails. This usually sparks some conversation about where I have been, how on earth I found these locations and plenty of requests of information about getting there.

The purpose of setting up this blog is to document the places I have visited, to share my experiences about the destinations and to offer up some suggestions to you readers of my recommendations.

I would also like to develop my photography and processing skills, so by putting my photos ‘out there’ for you all to see, I hope to be able to think more carefully about the shots I am taking.

So that’s me, I hope you enjoy my photographs and my stories.







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