I did it again.

Trawling through Instagram, I came across a fantastic photograph of a landscape that looked other worldly, like a scene from Middle Earth in Lord of the Rings. ‘Where is this magical place?‘ I thought, before looking at the location tag of the photo and figuring out that it was in the Dolomites – a UNESCO world heritage mountain range in the north east of Italy.

There is something about the mountains that draws me in. The scale and grandeur of large mountain ranges seem to make everything else feel fairly insignificant – something which was very welcome having had a fairly difficult year to date. A place to forget about the worries. A place to reset.

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I have a confession to make. I am a theme park geek. There was a time I would visit theme parks a couple of times a month, sometimes more. I would happily take a flight to ride the newest roller coaster. I would plan US road trips around visiting different theme parks. I could tell you about the manufacturers of all of the rides. Really geeky! Life seems to have gotten in the way a little bit over the last few years, however for a little bit of escapism, there is still nothing better (in my humble opinion) than visiting a well themed, well run theme park. So where better to start my theme park stories than in the theme park mecca that is Florida, and to take a look at the benefits of staying at the Universal Orlando onsite hotels.

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Surf Snowdonia – Riding the waves in the mountains

It always rains in Wales, or at least that’s what you are told. This is not factually correct, but if you are heading up to the Conwy Valley on the outskirts of the Snowdonia National Park you will be sure to want to spend a lot of your time outdoors to take in the stunning scenery. If it does rain, that doesn’t really matter, as there is a perfect attraction that’s suitable for all weather situations. Surf Snowdonia opened its gates in the summer of 2015, and provides the opportunity to ride a perfect wave in the Welsh mountains.

In the sleepy village of Dolgarrog, home to circa 500 people and formerly known for a) a large dam disaster in the 1920’s, and b) an aluminum plant which operated for about 100 years before closing its doors in 2007, a worlds first inland surf lagoon has been created. The Wavegarden concept – a 300 foot long lagoon with a wave generating system that creates a perfectly formed and consistent two metre wave every 90 seconds, is the perfect way to entice surfers. From professionals to beginners, it’s a great opportunity to get out onto the water and test their skills. With the site adding more attractions and re-branding to Adventure Parc Snowdonia in 2019, this adds to an increasingly long list of adrenalin based attractions in the North Wales area.

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