Having visited Kings Canyon & Sequoia National Park in California a couple of times, I have become a little obsessed with the Giant Sequoia tree. The Sequoiadendron gigantium also commonly known as the Giant Redwood can reach up to 280 feet in height and are among the oldest living things on earth, the oldest known by ring count is 3500 years old!

As well as their dominating height, I love the texture of the bark. The reddish-brown bark is fairly soft and fibrous but can be up to 3ft thick at the base of the trunk, which gives significant fire protection to the trees. The shape and patterns created on the trunks from the layers upon layers of bark are beautiful when seen up close. These forests also smell fantastic. Go visit!

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A retreat in the hills of Umbria

Do you like Italian food? How about Italian wine? Fancy a relaxing few days tucked away in the beautiful Italian countryside? These were all the things I considered when looking for a holiday to Italy. After much research (as always) I stumbled across some striking images of the Relais Il Canalicchio and was pretty much sold straight away.

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Who Killed Jack Diamond?

‘Jack Diamond has been murdered. He was found face down in the river next to Reading Abbey last night.’

Fancy yourself as a budding detective? Well, if you are in the Reading (Berkshire) area on Saturday 5th or Saturday 12th August, I urge you to click the link here and grab yourself a ticket to take part in an elaborate timed, live action, murder mystery
treasure hunt that takes place in Reading town centre on a VERY limited run. We at Shoot from the Trip were lucky enough to bag ourselves some tickets to the event on Saturday 29th July.

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