“Too beautiful and too romantic to survive.” Sir John Betjeman.

The story

I’ve spent a lot of time in London over the years. Whether it’s heading in for an evening, or a weekend stay with friends it’s nice to have the convenience of living nearby (25 mins on the train to London Paddington) without having to deal with chaos of the city, day in and day out.

I used to take the tube everywhere as I assumed that was the quickest and most effective way to travel in city. Arguably it is, but it is also cramped, hot and claustrophobic – something I have something of an issue with nowadays.

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I’m sure a few of us have heard that sentence a few times? Followed closely by ‘You must be made of money’. Well, here is the thing. Yes, I am going on holiday again but no, I am not made of money.


Firstly, I am aware that I am lucky in that I have a job that pays a reasonable wage. I have an affordable mortgage and no children. That gives me a luxury of being able to spend more of my spare cash on nice things.

On average each year I will spend a week or two overseas. Sometimes that will include long haul destinations, other times European holidays. On top of that, there are the weekends away in the UK. It all adds up.

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I’m starting to find my way around WordPress now and am quite conscious that people don’t want to see review post after review post. I’m also starting to get involved in the community element and discovered there is a weekly photo challenge that goes on, as seen in the link here.

So here is my take on this challenge – a collection of my favourite bridge photos.

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