It’s not so grim up North, you know. My choice of using mostly black and white photos isn’t the best way to convince you of that but take my word for it.

Saltburn-by-the-Sea is small coastal town in North Yorkshire, situated on the North East coast of England.  It is, for one thing, a beautiful place for a stroll on the beach to blow away those cobwebs.

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“To be for one day entirely at leisure is to be for one day an immortal” H.H.Hart 1937

Sometimes you just need to switch off from everything and have a well earned break. So where better suited than the Caribbean island of Antigua.

Having done a lot of research into various All Inclusive resorts on the island, we opted for the adults-only Galley Bay Resort & Spa. Located on the northwest coast of the island, about 10 minutes drive from the capital St. John’s, Galley Bay markets itself as a luxury boutique hideaway. How could you resist eh?

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Hi there and welcome to Shoot from the Trip.

So here we are, my first post.

I have been toying with the idea of creating a blog for a little while
now but it’s taken me some time to get around to it. The internet is completely saturated with travel and photography blogs so why on earth do we need another one, I hear you ask?

Well, in all honesty, we don’t. But that’s not going to stop me.

I am a keen photographer and very much like to travel, so the combination of these things can sometimes produce some great results, which I would like to share.

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