Photo Challenge: Textures

Having visited Kings Canyon & Sequoia National Park in California a couple of times, I have become a little obsessed with the Giant Sequoia tree. The Sequoiadendron gigantium also commonly known as the Giant Redwood can reach up to 280 feet in height and are among the oldest living things on earth, the oldest known by ring count is 3500 years old!

As well as their dominating height, I love the texture of the bark. The reddish-brown bark is fairly soft and fibrous but can be up to 3ft thick at the base of the trunk, which gives significant fire protection to the trees. The shape and patterns created on the trunks from the layers upon layers of bark are beautiful when seen up close. These forests also smell fantastic. Go visit!


And now I want to go back to California, to be surrounded by these trees again.

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